Your wellness is our priority

Because your peace-of-mind is as important to us as it is to you, we have two assisted living options – offered through Care Packages – which provide retirement care that allows you to remain as independent as possible.

Low care package

Two hours nursing services per week, a 30-minute domestic service twice a week and a 5kg linen and 5kg personal laundry service a week. Daily visits by a carer and medication administration are also included.

Mid care package

Nursing care for one hour daily and an additional two hours per week, 45-minute daily domestic service and an additional one hour cleaning per week, as well as a 5kg linen and 5kg personal laundry service twice per week.

Care Centre

Quadrant Gardens will have a 19 bed Care Centre with 11 single en-suite rooms, six single rooms with shared bathrooms, one double en-suite and two single sick bay rooms reserved for independent living residents.

Three meals a day will be served in a spacious dining room and there will be a comfortable lounge in which to relax.

Activities overseen by a trained activity presenter will take place daily.

24-hour nursing care and daily administration of medication will be provided by a qualified, registered Nursing Manager and registered staff.

For all independent living residents, a clinic will be held in the Care Centre to provide regular health monitoring and to assist with any medical issues. Independent living residents will be able to make use of five free days in the Sick Bay facility per annum, and enjoy a 15% discount on the Care Centre outside tariff (per person) at either the Quadrant Gardens or the nearest CPOA Care Centre.

Care Centre Enquiries

To find out more about our care services and pricing, please email us at